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In spite of the somewhat negative wrap anything with the word “diesel” attached to it seems to garner, the technology behind Volkswagen‘s TDI Clean Diesel lineup is starting to catch on. To wit, these high mileage models made up of nearly a third of all of the automakers cars sold in the United States last month. But as fuel efficient as these cars are, they’re only going to get better in the model years to come.

How, you ask?

By increasing the power. For the 2015 model year–set to go on sale in 2014–Volkswagen is upping the ponies offered by turbodiesel engines available on the GolfJetta, and Passat to 150 horsepower, while maintaining the ample 236 lb.-ft of torque.

This allows cars such as the Jetta TDI, which gets 30 mpg city and 42 mpg on the highway to have bolstered performance while maintaining low fuel emissions. One of the innovative technologies behind this is the gas recirculation system, water-cooled intercooler, and EGR valve with the intake manifold, allowing for improved throttle response. In short, more bang for better gas mileage.

Want to find out for yourself why Volkswagen’s TDI Clean Diesel models have sold over 47,000 units in the first seven months of this year? Stop by Lindsay Volkswagen so we can give you an overview of both the cars themselves, and the engines that come with them. We’re located conveniently in Sterling, VA, and also proudly serve Fairfax, Dulles and Herndon. Stop by today and set up a test drive!


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Ever since we told you about the 2014 Chevrolet Impala hitting the top of the Consumer Report rankings, it seems like the revitalized sedan has been earning accolade after accolade from the automotive community for its interior furnishings, handling, and modern-yet-classic design. Now the star of the Chevrolet lineup has earned another stripe: top notch safety.

In a recent battery of tests by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the Impala garnered an impressive five-star safety rating. Coming from a widely respected safety institution, that’s quite the praise indeed.

Vehicle safety is a major factor taken into account by drivers across the nation, according to Gary Kent, the general director of Vehicle Safety and Crashworthiness for GM. In redesigning the sedan, the Impala has achieved a benchmark of worthiness by incorporating features never before seen in a Chevrolet car.

And what are these features, you ask?

There are quite a few. Crash-imminent braking and collision warning both alerts you and keeps you safe in the event an accident is about to occur, with other features such as the manufacturer-first traffic-sensing radar and lane departure alerts keep you on the ball while on the road. In the event of a crash itself, the Impala has ten airbags and assets like OnStar and MyLink to allow you to place emergency calls.

If safety is your top priority, then Lindsay Chevrolet invites you to come down to our Woodbridge, VA showroom and give it a try. Drop by with any questions you may have, or contact us for a test drive.

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Although on the surface it hasn’t changed much this model year, the 2014 CADILLAC ESCALADE is still stands tall with its landmark look and leading utility. After all, why change one of the most iconic looking vehicles in the segment when it still draws droves of drivers year after year?

There’s only one word to describe the ESCALADE’S exterior presentation: commanding. The exterior boasts muscle and functionality, all wrapped together in a luxurious package that is undeniably CADILLAC. The comfortable interior is capable of seating seven, with an added bench option that can squeeze in an additional passenger. You also have the option of ventilated and heated seats, as well.

Of course, being this is an SUV, the amount of cargo it can hold is pretty impressive, too. Whether you’re loading up with suitcases for a long family trip, or bikes and camping supplies for a summer getaway, the ESCALADE can hold it.

One of the more remarkable aspects of this SUV is its power. The ESCALADE houses a snarling 6.2-liter V8 engine with an astonishing 403 horsepower and 417 lb.-ft of torque. With RWD standard, this allows the SUV to accelerate at a clip much faster than smaller luxury sedans. Like a large, stylish bumblebee, it seemingly defies the laws of physics.

To learn more about the champion ESCALADE, drop by Lindsay CADILLAC of Alexandra, located on 1525 Kent Avenue in Alexandria, VA. There’s a lot to love about this SUV, and the best way to find out is to give it a test drive. Contact us at LindsayCadillac.com or by calling 888-966-4252.

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There’s more to an environmentally friendly vehicle than it’s carbon emissions. At least, that’s what Ford has been reminding us. The manufacturer is already at the forefront of sustainable engine technology with their acclaimed EcoBoost power plants, and has a large share of the hybrid market with models such as the Ford C-MAX and Fusion. With the latter vehicle, however, they’re going a step further.

The Fusion Hybrid is more than just an accessible hybrid with astounding gas mileage. In 2009, the American company mandated that at least 25 percent of the interior fabrics of each car in their lineup had to be made from reused product. With this hybrid, however, the interior is fashioned with 100 percent recycled fibers, substantially reducing the vehicles carbon foot print.

That’s not to say this has any effect on the quality of the Fusion. The interior of the hybrid is just as stylish and comfortable as any other vehicle in the Ford lineup. Could you expect anything less?

Inside and out, we believe here at Lindsay Ford that the Fusion Hybrid is one awesome car. With a snazzy exterior design fronted by angled headlamps and trademark hexagonal grille, and 47mpg fuel efficiency for both city and highway to boot, it’s clear this is a car that lives up to Ford’s promise of an environmentally friendly car.

And what would be better than to try it for yourself? Come on down to our showroom at 11259 Veirs Mill Road in Wheaton, MD and set up a test drive for yourself. If you have questions ahead of time, feel free to contact us through our website or by phone.

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The Volkswagen XL1 concept looks like it rolled right out of a Star Wars movie-a sleek, almost bullet-like design with an artfully diminished grille, and tail lights that look like the hyper drive on the Millennium Falcon. We’ve known about the diesel plug-in hybrid for a long time now, and lamented that it wouldn’t be available in America. That is, until we got a ray of hope from the German manufacturer.

After being tantalized for months by reviews from automotive publications, we were told that Volkswagen was contemplating leasing the new vehicle for those who were looking to maximize their fuel economy.

Actually, revolutionize may be a more choice word, since we’re talking about a car that gets 261 miles per gallon. Our collective heads are spinning just thinking about it.

As dizzying as the potential of getting one the XL1 in our showroom is, supply would be limited, as only 250 of the cars were made. Naturally if we hear any details confirming that the XL1 is up for lease, or if it can be ordered from Lindsay Volkswagen, you can find out right on our blog. In the meantime, we can dream.

For those of you for which dreams are not enough, don’t worry. We have plenty of new Volkswagen models with excellent eco-friendly features available at our Sterling, VA showroom. Among these options are the Jetta Hybrid sedan, and Touareg Hybrid SUV.

For information about these two great, fuel efficient hybrids, use the live chat on our website, give us a call, or stop by our showroom for a test drive.

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Robots have become very useful in the automotive industry in recent years. Their uses are numerous, from helping build cars on assembly lines to servicing them. More recently, they’ve been helping Ford out in the testing process as well.

Sound a little too “Skynet” for you? Don’t worry, it’s not like that at all. By using what’s called “autonomous driving technology,” Ford is streamlining the driving trials for its upcoming 2014 Transit Connect van. These self-driving tools enable to manufacturer to hold more than one test at a given time, and even hold trials that may not necessarily be safe for human drivers.

The tests are held on a track built with a variety of surfaces to simulate different kinds of terrains: cobblestones, broken concrete, gravel, mud pits, and speed bumps, to name a few. The simulations are monitored from a central control, where a GPS is used to make sure the van stays on the correct route. As a result, the process allows for much more comprehensive, versatile, and efficient vehicle testing.

Here at Lindsay Ford, we can see numerous benefits to conducting tests using robotics. Our inner nerds also wonder, with the advent of parking assist technology, if this technology will soon allow for self-driving cars as well. Who knows!

Either way, we’re glad to see the company has this kind of help in the development process, allowing them to bring better, safer new Ford models to our showroom. To learn more about our lineup, or if you have questions about their safety features, stop by our Wheaton, MD showroom or contact us by phone.

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Volkswagen brings you SmileDrive™ — the first social app to maximize fun on every drive, by using your favorite Google products and services along the way.*

It is now available for download to your Android device.

Whether you’re commuting to work or traveling cross-country, SmileDrive records your drives, awards you stickers for unique accomplishments (such as going on a holiday trip or driving on an unusually cold day), and turns road trips into shareable stories. The app can be used with any vehicle, even if it’s not a Volkswagen.

・Easily pairs with your car’s Bluetooth and runs in the background, so you don’t have to worry about activating the app every time you drive.

・You’ll get a Smile Score and drive summary at the end of each ride. The score is based on factors like location, distance, time and weather and you can get things like Stickers or Punches if you unlock achievements.

・For trips versus everyday drives, you can create a Smilecast. Name the trip, tag passengers and share with friends so they can see your route, photos and comments, along the way. When your trip is over, all the data is seamlessly collected into a video you can share.

・There’s also a handy Find My Car feature. Get directions to your vehicle’s last parked location.

To learn more about SmileDrive, go to http://smiledrive.vw.com.

* Driver should not use mobile devices while vehicle is in motion. Always pay careful attention to the road, and do not drive while distracted. SmileDrive app requires compatible Android device. Standard data rates apply.

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