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If escalating media attention is any measure of a company’s success, then Pedego Electric Bikes is winning the race to the top of the e-bike industry. Favorable articles in both the Los Angeles Times and the New York Times – two of the country’s foremost news outlets – have come out recently, pushing sales of Pedego e-bikes higher than ever. A third paper in the trifecta of top American newspapers, The Washington Post, has also covered Pedego’s electrifying success. Additionally, several news outlets around the world are buzzing with the news on Pedego electric bikes. “We’re very happy that people are reading these articles and learning about the joys of electric biking,” says Don DiCostanzo, CEO and co-founder of the California-based company. “And we’re thrilled that so many riders are discovering Pedego e-bikes based on these write-ups.”

Some of the national attention has come as a result of Pedego’s work with Ford Motor Company. Ford’s commitment to green technologies led to a partnership with Pedego resulting in the Ford Super Cruiser, an electric bicycle that debuted at Interbike last September. Media attention is growing as this model will become available to the public across the nation beginning in January 2014. The new Ford e-bike carries on Henry Ford’s vision and commitment to “make great products that contribute to a better world.” With a promise like that, it’s no wonder that journalists are watching.

Pedego Electric bikes (http://www.pedegoelectricbikes.com/) lives up to its core value of e-bike innovation and regularly offers newsworthy announcements to the media. However, much of the attention has come as a result of journalists who happen upon the bikes by chance. They love the bikes and write about the experience. Peter Pae, a staff writer for the Los Angeles Times, groused to his neighbor about his commute from Orange County to Los Angeles for his job. The neighbor loaned him a Pedego City Commuter. Pae discovered several benefits once he tried e-biking as part of his daily commute. So he bought one. Some months later, he took it upon himself to publish an article (Read it here: http://bit.ly/1b6wfmR) about his experiences on the City Commuter – noting how it saved him money and made commuting easier. His sincere and personal profile led numerous LA Times readers to discover Pedego. Then, a columnist with the New York Times contacted the company. After test riding two models with a friend, Joyce Wadler wrote a wryly comic yet positive review titled, “I Sing the Bike Electric,” which can be read at http://bit.ly/HGUWfr. Her article raised the public’s interest in Pedego again. As media exposure grows, so does the excitement among fans of these e-bikes, including dealers. Pedego dealers around the world have prepared for future articles and are offering more free test rides to visitors than ever before.



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