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The road ahead is full of uncertainty. You can never anticipate all of the potholes or turns ahead, but you can choose the dependable truck to get you through any adversity on the open road. Choose the Ford F-150.

The F-150 has earned its reputation over the years as a better truck, a truck to depends on when the going gets tough because it was built with stronger to withstand more. The 2015 F-150 is no different, and the proud legacy continues on.

No matter how extreme the twists and turns, the ruts and ridges, the F-150 powers through, while within the cab the ride is smooth and deceptively quiet. With the best payload in its class and the only contender with fully flat load floor, you can carry more when it is down to the wire.

Put the Ford F-150 through your own tests here at our dealership in Wheaton, MD. Choose the best truck around that doesn’t take no for an answer.

Visit us online at LindsayFord.com.


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It should come as no surprise that one of the top selling models that Lindsay Ford of Wheaton sells is the 2014 Ford Fusion.

There is a new Ford Fusion commercial that highlights just a couple of the hundreds of exciting features that the Fusion has to offer. Not only is the Fusion comfortable and fun to drive, but it’s also one of the safest sedans on the market, thanks to driver assist technology like a blind spot monitoring system and rear view camera.

Check out the commercial below, and be sure to stop into our showroom if you have any questions, or would like to test drive the Ford Fusion for yourself. We’re proud to serve the greater Laurel, MD area with our full lineup of Ford cars, trucks, and SUV’s.

Visit us online at LindsayFord.com.

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There’s more to an environmentally friendly vehicle than it’s carbon emissions. At least, that’s what Ford has been reminding us. The manufacturer is already at the forefront of sustainable engine technology with their acclaimed EcoBoost power plants, and has a large share of the hybrid market with models such as the Ford C-MAX and Fusion. With the latter vehicle, however, they’re going a step further.

The Fusion Hybrid is more than just an accessible hybrid with astounding gas mileage. In 2009, the American company mandated that at least 25 percent of the interior fabrics of each car in their lineup had to be made from reused product. With this hybrid, however, the interior is fashioned with 100 percent recycled fibers, substantially reducing the vehicles carbon foot print.

That’s not to say this has any effect on the quality of the Fusion. The interior of the hybrid is just as stylish and comfortable as any other vehicle in the Ford lineup. Could you expect anything less?

Inside and out, we believe here at Lindsay Ford that the Fusion Hybrid is one awesome car. With a snazzy exterior design fronted by angled headlamps and trademark hexagonal grille, and 47mpg fuel efficiency for both city and highway to boot, it’s clear this is a car that lives up to Ford’s promise of an environmentally friendly car.

And what would be better than to try it for yourself? Come on down to our showroom at 11259 Veirs Mill Road in Wheaton, MD and set up a test drive for yourself. If you have questions ahead of time, feel free to contact us through our website or by phone.

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Robots have become very useful in the automotive industry in recent years. Their uses are numerous, from helping build cars on assembly lines to servicing them. More recently, they’ve been helping Ford out in the testing process as well.

Sound a little too “Skynet” for you? Don’t worry, it’s not like that at all. By using what’s called “autonomous driving technology,” Ford is streamlining the driving trials for its upcoming 2014 Transit Connect van. These self-driving tools enable to manufacturer to hold more than one test at a given time, and even hold trials that may not necessarily be safe for human drivers.

The tests are held on a track built with a variety of surfaces to simulate different kinds of terrains: cobblestones, broken concrete, gravel, mud pits, and speed bumps, to name a few. The simulations are monitored from a central control, where a GPS is used to make sure the van stays on the correct route. As a result, the process allows for much more comprehensive, versatile, and efficient vehicle testing.

Here at Lindsay Ford, we can see numerous benefits to conducting tests using robotics. Our inner nerds also wonder, with the advent of parking assist technology, if this technology will soon allow for self-driving cars as well. Who knows!

Either way, we’re glad to see the company has this kind of help in the development process, allowing them to bring better, safer new Ford models to our showroom. To learn more about our lineup, or if you have questions about their safety features, stop by our Wheaton, MD showroom or contact us by phone.

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Ford Invites European AppLink Partners

There’s a lot to love about all of the new Ford models that we have here at our Wheaton, MD showroom, but one feature that many of our customers unexpectedly fall in love with is the SYNC AppLink feature.  It’s an entertainment option that allows for integration of popular apps like the online radio station Pandora so you can have a more enjoyable, customized music-listening session that what your local radio station can provide.  We love Pandora, but sometimes the ads can ruin our groove, but we just found out that those who opt for the feature can listen to their favorite music ad-free until the end of the year.  Read on to learn more.

Now you can sing along to your favorite songs from R&B, country, or whatever genre you prefer without being interrupted by ads.  Ford and Pandora have partnered up to help raise customer awareness about SYNC AppLink and all that it can bring to your traveling experience.

If you aren’t familiar with this popular program, allow us to explain how Pandora works: when you begin your session, you can select a certain song, artist, or genre, and the application will play a radio station based on your input.  If you like a song, you can ‘like’ it and it will know to play more in that vein, but if you hate something, you can tell it that, too, and it will be sure to never assault your ears with that particular song ever again.

The feature is available on most of the new vehicles here at Lindsay Ford, such as the Fusion and Mustang, so come down to check it out for yourself today.

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